Outside the Cone

Deliciousness is in the Details!

At Outside the Cone we set out to be a true handcrafted ice cream shop that goes the extra mile to make premium ice cream with premium ingredients. We make nearly everything we put into our ice cream right in our shop

We make our own syrups and sauces. Our chocolate chunks are a custom blend and hand cut.

Our bowls are made from renewable plant fibers and are fully compostable. Our spoons are compostable, too, and we use metal tasting spoons to reduce waste even further.

We are located on Enterprise Drive along the main road. We have limited street parking in the front, but plenty of parking in the back. You can turn down Hexham Dr or Duncraig Dr to reach our back parking lot. We are neighbors with La Fogata and Perry & Mays Insurance.

Closed Monday
Tuesday – Friday: 3 PM – 10 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 12PM -10 PM


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