Meet The Chef: 221 Tap & Table

Scott Dinwiddie 221 Tap & Table

Chef Scott Dinwiddie

Can you tell us a bit about your culinary background and how you got started as a chef?

I started out as a dishwasher. As all the greatest chefs do.

I started working my way around the Lynchburg local places. Some of the greatest Chefs and Managers gave me the tools I needed to become an excellent leader and growing Chef.

What and who inspired you to pursue a career in the culinary arts? My family and friends always got so excited when I would make them food. They would always say I should become a Chef.

Could you share some highlights from your culinary journey so far?

Biggest highlight for me, is being featured in the Lynchburg Living magazine for Best Chef a few years back. Opening Iron and Ale with some great individuals. Becoming the Chef for 221 Tap & Table.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new dishes?

I really love to mix the old way with what’s new and trendy.

Cookbooks, social media, and other restaurants in big cities.

Who are some chefs or culinary figures that have influenced you the most? Ken and Jess Hess, Dallas Evans, Anthony Bourdain, Michael Mazur, Tim Clinton, Thomas Keller, Jiro Ono, Jeffrey Eames.

How did you choose the LRW menu this year? I chose the menu because I want to feature all new items from My Chefs Table which I am very excited about.

In your opinion, what makes a great dish? I personally believe that a great dish is made from many trial and errors in the kitchen. Finally realizing that you are truly passionate about the ingredients and surroundings in which you are developing said dish. Cooking is for other people to enjoy your passion and learn from you without even saying a word.


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