Meet the Chef: The Dahlia

Tristin Akers The Dahlia

Chef Tristin Akers

Can you describe your culinary background?

My culinary skills were largely nurtured by my grandmother, who taught me almost everything I know.

How would you describe your cooking style?

My style is rustic Southern, focusing on simple yet flavorful dishes.

What are your favorite ingredients to use?

I prefer working with onions, potatoes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, sugar, and eggs.

What should people expect from your cooking?

Anyone who tries my cooking can expect to feel comforted and satisfied.

In your opinion, what are the essentials of a great dish?

A great dish comes from proper planning, using the best ingredients, and infusing the preparation with love and pride.

Where do you find inspiration for creating new dishes?

Inspiration comes from fresh seafood, seasonal produce, the vibrant colors they bring, and insights gained from reading chef-inspired books.


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